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Solidus Techno Power Pvt. Ltd is a venture by leading solar industry professionals having vast experience in designing and erecting Solar PV projects. It aims to be the Gold Standard in providing Solar energy solutions for India’s energy needs. In just a few years Solidus Technopower has left an indelible mark on the industry and established itself as one of the leading providers of high-quality solutions in the area of solar and clean technologies.


Solidus Techno Power has a team of solar experts from different backgrounds for handling Design, Supply, Erection& Procurement of solar PV Power plant. 

We at Solidus sett ourselves apart by our engineering excellence and continuous drive to provide the best quality possible

We help our Commercial, Industrial and Residential partners in reducing their dependency on grid energy, with savings that will only increase over a period of time, while fulfilling their responsibility towards preserving the environment for future generations. With our solutions having an expected lifetime of 30 years and an estimated rate of return on investment of more than 20%, Solidus provides a viable, profitable and sustainable alternative source of energy in the times of energy crisis and global warming.


To be the catalyst responsible for introducing Solar energy as an Alternative to the conventional sources of energy for household and commercial use.


Provide premium quality Solar PV that makes the use of solar energy as an alternative attractive for the customer.



Certified, Premium and Proven Technology

Installed 100 MW+

solar projects that are running perfectly across India.

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One stop Solution for Everything Solar

Complete technical support for Net Metering process which involves liasoning with the Govt. Departments. Well Qualified Technical & Execution Team. Customer References & Testimonials available on request . Reports on Simulation Software of PV System and Google Sketch available . Financial support through nationalised banks/financial institutions for loans.

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Detailed Project Report (DPR) is Exhaustive and Covers

Site Assessment. Feasibility Assessment. SRA (Solar Resource Assessment using PVSyst). 3D Design (Using AutoCAD or Google Sketch UP). SLD (Single Line Diagram using Proteus of Layout). Technical Detail of every component (panel, inverter, structure, balance of system etc.).

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Unmatchable Client Satisfaction

100% client satisfaction rate proven by repeat orders from the customers. Our engineers perform work efficiently with quick service support to resolve queries/issues. Committed long term partner with the option of Post commissioning AMCs.

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Compatible Components Generate Maximum Output

All parts with solar grade and carefully selected to match each other. This ensures maximum energy harvest. Strict quality selection criteria for Suppliers .Only Grade A & Tier-I solar components used

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No upfront Consulting Fees charged from customers

Get guidance and updated knowledge about your selected solar system from our experts to optimize your usage.

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Hassle free Installation in No Time

Our ready to use systems are reliable and safe. Every package is carefully planned to meet with all types of establishments easily.